What Are They Saying About You?

As a trusted HR leader, I’ve been in thousands of closed-door meetings where leadership is talking about their employees.  I have learned a great deal about what kinds of desired behaviors leaders are looking for.  So, what are they looking for? 

I have many answers which I’ll share in future blogs, or if we work together.  For purposes of today’s blog, my most elementary answer is “Self Awareness”.  Leaders will often ask why an employee can’t recognize a particular behavior.  It’s hard to know what you might be doing wrong if nobody tells you. Frankly, some leaders may not have the time or inclination to tell you. I would challenge you to go out and ask a few trusted colleagues about their impressions of you. Yes, ask people that you work with. Just a bit of feedback can give you the information that you need to make a few adjustments to be viewed in a more positive light with colleagues and leaders.