A Surprisingly Easy Way To Be A Better Leader

How to be a better leader. Coach Kate Walker.

Over the many years that I’ve been coaching, I more deeply understand that a huge part of coaching or consulting is ….get ready for it…


I mean really listening.  I just love listening.  I like to understand the puzzle lies beneath the surface.  I like solving the mystery of what’s going on. What are the individual or team needs?  

For any Oprah fans out there, you may recall that she often refers to some of the learnings in her 20+ years as a talk show host.  It strikes me when she reflects that “people just want to be seen and heard”.  The more coaching that I do, this completely resonates with me.  It makes sense. 

I had a coaching session with someone last week, and at the end of the session she said

“I feel like you really heard me, I’ve been wanting to be heard." 

I just smiled knowing….yes I get it..

I get you!

To any leaders out there looking for a very easy, yet impactful tip...

Sit down and listen to your employees (or anybody you care about for that matter!). 

Just listen without response.  Nod.  Smile.  Be ok with some silence.  You won’t believe how you make them feel! 

Kate Walker